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Boko Haram raped, beat us – Abducted girls

Abducted Chibok girls
He soon began to threaten me with a knife to have sex with him and when I refused, he brought out his gun, warning that he would kill me if I shouted.
“Then he   began to rape me every night … I had never had sex before; it was very painful and I cried bitterly because I was bleeding afterwards.”
These were the words of a 15-year-old girl, who was abducted by Boko Haram and forcibly married to one of its commanders in a camp in the Sambisa Forest, Borno State.
The girl, according to a report by Human Rights Watch, was abducted in 2013 but she escaped after four weeks in captivity.
The teenager is one of the five girls that personally recounted their ordeals in the publication which was made public on Monday. She said that after her marriage to the commander who was in his early 30s, she was ordered to live with him in cave.
The experiences of three others who   suffered sexual violence were narrated by witnesses in the 63-page HRW report titled, Those Terrible Weeks in Their Camp: Boko Haram Violence against Women and Girls in North-East Nigeria.’
The publication provides details of how hundreds of girls and women aged between 15 and 22 were being made to suffer other forms of abuses and used for ambushes.
The HRW said in the report that it spoke to 47 witnesses and victims, including some of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped from their hostel in April this year.
The group also described how some of the Christian abductees were ordered to convert to Islam or be executed.
It claimed that four of the eight sexual assaults it recorded occurred after the girls and women were forced to marry   Boko Haram combatants.
According to the HRW, before “marriage,” the commanders appeared to make some efforts to protect the women and girls from sexual assault.
It said that in two cases, the insurgents   took advantage of the absence of a commander and sexually abused abductees who had yet to be “married.”
An 18-year-old victim also described how an insurgent sexually abused her when she went to use the bathroom.
She said, “I did not know he followed me when I walked a short distance away from the tree under which we slept. He grabbed me from behind, roughly fondling me while trying to take off his pants. I screamed in fright and he hurriedly left me as I continued to shout for help.”
Another woman, who was raped in 2013 in one of the militants’ camps near Gwoza, described how a commander’s wife seemed to encourage the crime.
“I was lying down in the cave pretending to be ill because I did not want the marriage the commander planned to conduct for me with another insurgent on his return from the Sambisa camp. When the insurgent who had paid my dowry came in to force himself on me, the commander’s wife blocked the cave entrance and watched as the man raped me.”
Another woman aged 19,   who was married and had children, described how she and one other woman were raped after having been abducted   in April 2014.
She said, “When we arrived at the camp, they left us under a tree. I managed to sleep. I was exhausted and afraid. Late in the night, two insurgents woke me and another woman, saying their leader wanted to see us.
“We had no choice but to follow them; but as soon as we moved deep into the bush, one of them dragged me away, while his partner took the other woman to another direction.
“I guessed what they had in mind and I began to cry. I begged him, telling him I was a married woman. He ignored my pleas, flung me on the ground, and raped me. I could not tell anyone what happened, not even my husband.
“I still feel so ashamed and cheated. The other woman told me she was also raped but vowed never to speak of it   as she was single and believes that news of her rape would foreclose her chances of marriage.”
The HRW had previously documented the widespread abuses carried out by the Nigerian security forces in responding to the attacks by Boko Haram.
However, the rights organisation asserted that few members of the security forces implicated in “serious violations of humanitarian and human rights law, including violations against girls and women, have been prosecuted.”
It advised that “to ensure accountability, Nigerian authorities should investigate and prosecute, based on international fair trial standards, those who committed serious crimes in violation of national and international laws during the conflict, including members of Boko Haram, security forces, and pro-government vigilante groups.”
The group said that “in addition, the government should provide adequate measures to protect schools and the right to education, and ensure access to medical and mental health services to victims of abduction and other violence.
“The government should also ensure that hospitals and clinics treating civilian victims are equipped with medical supplies to treat survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.”


Policeman turns blind after assault by naval rating

Mbilla after the assault
Having served in the Nigeria Police Force for about 30 years, the plan of ASP Emmanuel Mbilla was to retire in 2018 after which he would set up his own private security firm.
However, Emmanuel’s dream was cut short on February 22, 2014 after a life-changing encounter with a naval rating, Warrant officer Unaji Enejor, in the Kirikiri area of Lagos State.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the 50-year-old victim was attacked in the eye by the naval rating, causing him to lose his sight completely.
It was learnt that prior to the attack, Emmanuel’s left eye had already been damaged by Glaucoma.
The victim’s landlady, Mrs. Olasumbo Agunbiade, who witnessed the incident, told our correspondent that trouble started after Enejor drove recklessly and rammed into Emmanuel’s wife’s shop.
She said, “I am the landlady of the property at 25, Agunbiade Street, Kirikiri Town, Apapa. Emmanuel’s wife, Caroline, sells drinks right in front of the house. Around 3.30pm on February 22, Emmanuel and his wife were seated in front of the shop when a man in a red Honda car rammed into their shop.
“When Emmanuel accosted the driver, the man alighted from the vehicle and identified himself as a navy man and Emmanuel in turn, identified himself as a police officer. The man wanted to leave but Emmanuel told him that he could not leave without at least apologising and the navy man just used his car key to poke Emmanuel in the eye.
“Emmanuel fell to the floor and started screaming, ‘I have lost my sight’. When the navy man saw the severity of the injury he had inflicted on Emmanuel, he jumped into his car and sped off. However, as residents were chasing him, he drove into a gutter and we arrested him.”
Our correspondent learnt that as residents were attempting to take Enejor to the Kirikiri Police Station, two of his colleagues on a motorcycle, arrived the scene and started beating the residents in a bid to rescue their colleague.
It was learnt that a few minutes later, the crowd was able to overwhelm the navy men and the suspect was taken to the Kirikiri Police Division but was later released.
Mbilla before the assault
Mbilla before the assault
However, there was no respite for Emmanuel who was taken to about four hospitals where he was told that he may never see again.
A medical report issued by the Eye Foundation Hospital and signed by Dr. Olufemi Oderinlo, the Consultant Opthalmic surgeon/Vitereoretinal specialist on March 3, stated that the victim would need to be flown abroad for treatment for any hope of regaining his sight.
The report read in part, “At his (Emmanuel’s) first visit, visual acuity in the right eye was light perception with poor projection and no perception of light in the left eye. Examination of the ocular adnexae revealed severe lid oedema, moderate ptosis, severe sub-conjuctiva haemorrhage and chemosis with sustured multiple scleral lacerations.
“Anterior segment examination revealed a deep anterior chamber found with air, sutured cornea laceration and hyphema in the right eye.
“The prognosis for vision following retina attachment surgery was adjudged very poor and he was advised accordingly. He desires to seek a second opinion abroad.”
The victim’s older wife, Patience, told PUNCH Metro that life had been hard since her husband went blind.
Patience said her husband, who is attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, required 24-hour monitoring and this had affected the family.
She called on well-meaning Nigerians and the government to come to their aid.
She said, “I am asking Nigerians, the government, and especially that of Abia State to come to our aid. We are asking Senator Uche Chukwumerije, who represents Abia-North, to help us. We have been seriously affected and we have spent so much on my husband’s treatment. Also, we are demanding for justice for my husband.
“The Commissioner of Police is aware of the matter. Nobody is above the law. My husband did not fight the navy man but is now completely blind as a result of a savage and brutal yet unprovoked attack. Unfortunately, he was released while my husband was still in the hospital.”
PUNCH Metro learnt that the assailant, who works at the Obisesan Naval Medical Centre as a radiographer, was released following a request letter signed by Captain J.N. Manman for the Beecroft Naval Base, Apapa.
In a request letter dated February 26, the navy requested that the errant rating be released as the matter was an “internal affair”.
Meanwhile, our correspondent learnt that the police had concluded investigations into the matter and sent the case file to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.
The DPP, in its report, stated that Enejor, with number M4351, had a case to answer. However, the naval authorities have yet to hand him over to the police.
When contacted, the Information Officer, Western Naval Command, Lt. Commander, Abdulsalam Sani, said investigations into the matter had commenced.
He said, “A report was made by the Nigeria Police in February and a board of inquiry was set up to make its findings on the matter and the culpability of the person. If the person is culpable, he will be tried and an appropriate punishment will be given to him.”


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Annie Hawkins-Turner Norma Stitz largest breasts

Annie Hawkins-Turner, who is better known as Norma Stitz, has the largest natural breasts in the world. Her breasts weigh about 56 pounds and require an unbelievable bra size of 102ZZZ. Despite their already massive size, her breasts are believed to be still growing.
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According to Pauw, author of Profit of Doom, an expose on Joshua’s church, the preacher once tried to bribe his entire television crew after he accompanied the late Blue Bulls lock Wium Basson to Lagos for healing. Basson died in April 2001 aged 25 and here’s Pauw’s story.
Ruben Kruger, a veteran of 36 tests in the green and gold, returned after a week in Nigeria and declared that a Pentecostal preacher he called the Prophet had healed his brain cancer. Temitope Balogun “TB” Joshua prayed for him in the Synagogue Church of All Nations compound while thousands of people sang, danced and wailed, Kruger said.

As Joshua bent over him and implored the demon to be gone from his body, Kruger felt the tumour leaving him. He was cured, Joshua declared, handing him oil to rub on his head.
“I no longer have to drink my chemo pills,” Kruger said on his return. “You cannot describe the feeling to anyone who has not experienced it. It was an unbelievable – or should I say believable – experience.”
The floodgates opened and the Prophet’s newest converts were white, mostly Afrikaans and relatively conservative. They swopped the NG and Hervormde churches for a Nigerian “turn-or-burn” approach to redemption.
It took me some time to understand why the ­Afrikaner psyche found Joshua so irresistible. Why were they prepared to seek salvation in a ­country they perceived to be drowning in greed, ­political rot and economic decay? Christianity Nigerian-style was worlds apart from the chains and shackles of Calvinism. Joshua unchained them. He allowed them to worship with a gusto and fervour previously thought unseemly. That the new messiah was black and his church in Africa’s biggest and maddest metropolis only added to the allure.
A year or two after Kruger returned from Lagos, I made the same journey. On the plane was another Springbok rugby ­player, 25-year-old lock Wium Basson, who was dying of liver cancer. He was accompanied by his mother, Cloeté Geldenhuys, and had to get special permission from SAA to make the journey.
I was making a TV documentary and my challenge to Joshua was straightforward: allow me to film how you heal Basson. If you succeed, I promise I will show it to the world.
When we arrived at Joshua’s compound, the TV team and I were in effect incarcerated. For two weeks, we were forbidden to leave the grounds. We were told we could not drink or smoke, and had to attend services and events with the pilgrims.
While I stayed in a dormitory with other pilgrims, Wium and Cloeté set up camp in a private room. The church took away the young man’s morphine and pain pills.
During our first interview, a softly spoken, affable Joshua said it would be easy to heal Wium because he had nothing but a “little sore” on his liver. At Sunday sermons, the afflicted lined up with placards stating what condition they needed healed.

There were lines of people seeking a cure for HIV/Aids, ­cancer and heart conditions, business failures, wandering spouses and dull brains. A festive, almost joyous atmosphere filled the compound as churchgoers sang, clapped and danced. Evil spirits were cast out and those set free by the Prophet writhed in the dirt while vomiting out the demons. Joshua prayed for every person in the line and declared them all healed. He ordered them to stop using any medication and trust in God.
Among the pilgrims was Capetonian John Rindel, who was suffering from full-blown Aids and already had dementia. He had arrived at the church several weeks before we did, was prayed for by Joshua and declared completely healed. He had stopped taking his medicine and showed remarkable improvement. Scientists refer to this as the “placebo effect” of faith healing. A patient can experience genuine pain relief and other ­symptomatic alleviation after being prayed for. The relief is short-lived and the patient soon returns to his original condition.
The internet is filled with reports from organisations like the American Cancer Society and the British Medical Journal that found no evidence faith healing can cure physical ailments.
On my request, Rindel agreed to go for two independent HIV/Aids tests when he returned to South Africa. Both showed he was still positive. He died a short while later. The BBC recently investigated the London branch of the church and reported that three women had died after being “healed” and told to stop taking their HIV/Aids medication. I challenged the pilgrims to provide me with medical proof that they had been healed. None did. Ruben Kruger died in 2010 just before his 40th birthday.
And Wium Basson?
Joshua never prayed for him. He said God had not sent him a message to do so. The young man left the church broken, disillusioned and at death’s door. He died a few days after returning to South Africa.
Before I left the church, Joshua handed me, and the camera and sound people, thick envelopes full of hundred dollar notes. He wanted to be sure we’d produce a positive programme. We gave the envelopes back.
A year or so after the programme aired – and generated a massive response from people who called us accusing Joshua of all sorts of misdeeds – the preacher produced a video of a 76-year-old South African man named Moses he said he’d brought back from the dead. Moses was among a group of South African pilgrims in Lagos when he had a heart attack in the dining room. Videos distributed around the world showed three pilgrims, one a doctor from Bloemfontein, trying to resuscitate Moses. They failed, the videos reported, and Moses was carried into another room. Joshua walked in, bent over him and ­commanded: “In the name of Jesus, rise!”
Moses opened his eyes. It later emerged that Moses had been both alive and breathing when he was carried from the dining hall. He’d been resuscitated, not resurrected, and clever editing created a fake miracle.
I understand the despair of terminally ill people and why they grasp at final straws. My father died of lung cancer and might well have made the journey to Lagos. I am just glad he is not here any more to become a victim of a ravenous tick that feasts on the blood of the ignorant, ­gullible and desperate.



Umamazala wam ukhohla-kele.
That means mamazala is evil, and these are the words that come from a makoti’s mouth.
And in many cases there is good reason for these words.
Mamazalas often make the lives of their daughters-in-law a living hell as they try and turn them into their personal slaves.
It’s one thing if they ask the makoti to help out with something here and there around the house, but it’s another to make her wake up at dawn to sweep the yard, make the tea, make the beds and do the washing for whole family as well.
Some mamazalas even go as far as insulting or disrespecting their makotis all the time.
Maybe the plan is to frustrate her and drive her out of her son’s life – and t hat’s simply evil!
These mothers-in-law carry out all sorts of tricks to push the makotis out of the way because they see them as the women who stole their sons.
Mamazalas are often worried sons will stop giving them money and – worst of all, stop visiting!
Please, mawe, let go! Your boy is now a man and he has to take care of his woman and their kids.
And, mamazala, difficult as it is, you must get used to the idea that the poor makoti didn’t steal your son away from you – he went willingly!
She loves him and he loves her. Yes, you might see her as the woman he will spend all his money on, but you have to stop competing with your daughter-in-law.
There is no competition. If it was a competition he would probably choose his woman over you.
I know that sounds cruel and you can claim that you carried him for nine months and raised him so that some other woman would want him but the fact remains, the makoti stole his heart.
Your baby-boy is now all grown up and has a woman in his life. Your evil ways will only push your son away and make your makoti hate you even more.
Get a life, mama! Accept the fact that your boy is a man. If you don’t, you’ll end up chasing him away and you will never see him and lose out on seeing your grandkids. Embrace your makoti, mama, ngiyaxela.


WHEN the pastor asked if anyone objected to the marriage, a young woman stood up.
The groom hid his face in shame as she spoke.
These words from Thobile Cele (29) interrupted the wedding of Richard Cele (39) and his makhwapeni, Fikile Dube (29).
It happened in an open field in Umbilo Park, south of Durban on Saturday.
Fikile stood there in shock and guests got to their feet in disbelief. Thobile walked straight to the pastor and showed him a marriage certificate and a letter from Home Affairs, proving that she was married to Richard.
“Sorry, pastor, but this wedding is illegal and it can’t continue,” Thobile said.
“Richard can’t marry another woman while he has not divorced me.” There was chaos and a lot of noise as the pastor tried to calm down the situation.
“You stole Richard from Fikile and now you are crying that she has won Richard back,” shouted one woman.
A fight broke out as the bride’s relatives tried to attack Thobile and her two sisters. The pastor said it was up to Richard to decide whether the wedding should continue.
“The court process will take place later, so he must decide,” the pastor said. An embarrassed Richard announced that the wedding would go on.
“Thobile and I will get divorced,” he said. Fikile’s relatives chased Thobile away and the wedding continued.
Daily Sun was told that Richard used to go out with Fikile, until he dumped her to marry Thobile in 2012.
But late last year Fikile and Richard started seeing each other again, and allegedly planned to marry without Thobile knowing.
Thobile said she and Richard have a two-year-old baby boy and a house in Phoenix, north of Durban.
“Two weeks ago someone told me that Richard was going to marry this weekend,” Thobile said.
“I pretended I would be in Joburg, because I wanted to come and see for myself if he was really that heartless.”
Richard’s sister, Elsie Cele (35), said the family was only invited to the wedding on Friday.
Richard first denied that there was chaos at his wedding, and said he has already divorced Thobile.
“I sent her divorce papers but maybe the sheriff got delayed,” he said.
Advocate Sifiso Sithole of Sithole and Associates Attorneys told the People’s Paper that Richard’s marriage to Fikile is invalid.
“He should have waited for the divorce to finish before marrying his new wife,” Sifiso said.

Pastor, others hijack truck with N25m goods

The pastor(middle); and other suspects
The Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Adeniji Adele, Lagos, has arrested a pastor, Peter Iyasele, and two others for allegedly hijacking a truck with N25m worth of goods in the Ijora area of Lagos.
PUNCH Metro learnt that while the two other suspects ─ Anthony Ibiade and Amas Debar ─ were arrested in Ijora, the 56-year-old clergy was arrested in Igando, Lagos.
Our correspondent gathered from the police that the hijacked truck, which contained 25 heavy duty outdoor airconditioners, belonging to a company based in Apapa, Lagos.
According to the police, the market value of the heavy duty air conditioners is about N25m.
PUNCH Metro gathered that the suspects were arrested after information got to DCP Chris Ejike. He subsequently directed his men to trail the suspects who were on the move to sell the products.
Our correspondent learnt that after the truck, which was initially heading for Ikeja, was hijacked by the suspects, the airconditioners were taken to a warehouse in Ibadan, Oyo State.
However, after the police swooped on the suspects, 22 units of the products were recovered, while one had been vandalised. The remaining two were said to have been sold.
It was gathered that two members of the syndicate ─ Oliver and another whose name had yet to be known ─ were still at large and were believed to have sold the two air conditioners.
The police said the suspects were experts in hijacking and diverting trucks containing electronic appliances and other household items.
In his statement to the police, the pastor said he was working as a transporter before he took to hijacking trucks. He added that the new job was to “source for funds to sustain my church.”
Iyasele, an indigene of Edo State, said in his statement that he heard a call from God, but there was no money to pursue it. Hence, he had to source for funds to be able “to survive in the ministry”.
PUNCH Metro gathered that 38-year-old Debar and Ibiade, 53, were the first to be arrested by the police before they led detectives to the pastor.
Our correspondent learnt that Iyasele’s church is situated along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.
Ibiade, in his own statement, confessed to the police that he was the one who arranged for the driver who took the hijacked truck from Lagos to the warehouse in Ibadan.
A source at the Federal SARS told PUNCH Metro that the suspects, who were apprehended on Wednesday, September 10, had been charged to court.


Army extends travel ban on embattled Borno, Yobe

Ekiti State Governor-elect, Ayo Fayose
Two Senior Advocates of Nigeria- Norrisom Quakers and M.J. Onigbanjo- have dragged the Peoples Democratic Party and Ekiti State-governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, to the National Human Rights Commission over alleged violation of their rights to practise as lawyers.
In a petition   dated September 29 and jointly signed by them, they claimed that the September 22 and 25 attacks on the Ekiti High Court by some suspected political thugs constituted   threats to their lives.
Quakers and   Onigbanjo, who are the lawyers to the litigants   challenging Fayose’s eligibility to contest in the June 21 governorship election, addressed their petition to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof. Bem Angwe.
The National Judicial Council had at its emergency meeting on September 16 asked the Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abbah,to investigate the attacks on the court and prosecute those behind it.
The Nigerian Bar Association had also said it would send an investigative team to the state to unravel those behind the incident and bring them to justice.
In their petition,   Quakers and   Onigbanjo urged the rights commission to use its wherewithal   to investigate the attacks on the court.
They said the NHRC should unearth “those behind this shameful display of banditry and gross violation of human rights with a view to prosecuting and bringing them to justice.”
The petitioners accused the PDP of organising the political thugs that invaded the high court premises on September 22 and attacked Justice Olusegun Ogunyemi.
The attackers reportedly regrouped on September 25 to disrupt   the hearing of a petition challenging the election of   Fayose.
Quakers and Onigbanjo described the   September 22 incident as “barbaric and barefaced violation of the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the claimants (litigants), claimants’ counsel, the judge and other officers of the court by thugs who were organised by the PDP.”
Part of the petition reads, “We are therefore apprehensive for our safety and that of our legal team’s lives, the dignity of our human persons, our right to practise our profession and our clients’ rights as citizens of Nigeria to seek redress in the court of law.
“All the foregoing rights mentioned above   clearly violated by the instigated mob, whose objectives included ensuring that the court did not deliver its scheduled ruling at 12 noon and or conduct any other business thereafter and to bully, intimidate and instill fear in the court in an attempt to obstruct justice to the point where the court would be too apprehensive to subsequently hear the case prior to the swearing in of Fayose on   October 16,2014.
“Should this unfortunate display of desecration of the hallowed temple of justice which is supposed to the last hope of the common man be allowed to persist unprosecuted, we all would be recorded for posterity as the people who sat with arms folded while miscreants and hooligans took over and controlled the administration of justice and overall balance of the society.”
PDP writes CJN over Ekiti crisis
Meanwhile, the PDP in Ekiti State has accused the Chief Judge, Justice Ayodeji Daramola, of plotting with Governor Kayode Fayemi to stop the   inauguration of Fayose.
The party made the   allegation in a letter to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mariam Aloma-Mukhtar.
The letter titled, “Another judicial coup plotted to avert the swearing in of the governor-elect of Ekiti State,” was signed by the state Secretary of the   PDP, Dr. Tope Aluko and the   Publicity Secretary, Kola Oluwawole.
But Fayemi described the allegation as another tissue of lies by the PDP.He therefore   challenged the PDP in the state to prove its allegation.
In the letter   the PDP   claimed that it was aware of plans   by Daramola to give accelerated hearing to some suits challenging the eligibility of Fayose for the June 21 governorship election despite the notice of appeal and the stay of proceedings filed in respect of the suits.
Fayose had challenged the assumption of jurisdiction by Justice Olusegun Ogunyemi of an Ado-Ekiti High Court on the matter. He   also sought a stay of proceedings on the hearing of the substantive suit.
The   letter to the CJN read,   “On   September 28, 2014, the governor-elect of Ekiti State personally wrote a letter to you,   raising fears about the attempts of the CJ of Ekiti State to frustrate his inauguration.
“This was done in view of Section 185 (2) of the 1999 Constitution   (as amended), which empowers only the CJ of Ekiti State to inaugurate the governor-elect as the new governor of the state, as Ekiti State presently has no Grand Khadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal, or the President of the Customary Court of Appeal that can perform similar function, in case the Chief Judge decline to do so.
“To our knowledge, you are yet to react to that letter. Meanwhile, we are authoritatively informed of another desperate move to obtain a “black market injunction” from an Ekiti State High Court, restraining the CJ from inaugurating the governor-elect on   October 16, 2014.
“Our source authoritatively informed us that the E-11 case in suits   HAD/51/2014 and HAD/52/2014 are to be given accelerated hearing between Wednesday, 8/10/14 and Friday, 10/10/14, or thereabout, in a way that a “black market injunction” will be secured to restrain the CJ from inaugurating the governor-elect, after the court might have been re-opened following the NJC directive.
“The outgoing governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, and Justice   Daramola had finalised arrangement to actualise this diabolical plan.”
The PDP therefore called on the CJN to call Daramola to order and allow due process to be followed in all the cases before his court.
It said, “These two cases or any other case that may be concocted are not time bound or perishable items that injunction would be necessary to preserve ex-parte or otherwise, before the swearing-in of the governor-elect on October 16,2014.’’
“The law allows appeal from one court of first instance to the Supreme Court. Why before the inauguaration?
“There is no doubt that this dangerous game if allowed to germinate into fruition will cause a constitutional crisis, and indeed, anarchy in the already volatile state.”
But the state Commissioner for Information, Tayo Ekundayo, said it was another lie by the PDP.
He said, “We don’t control the judiciary. The three arms of government have their role to play without interference. I do not know how the governor will ask the CJ to scuttle the inauguration. It is not in our character.
“The PDP has been telling a lot of lies, accusing us of so many things. There is nothing they have said in the last three months that is true. It is just another of their lies. We are not in any discussion with the CJ on how he runs the judiciary.”
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Army extends travel ban on embattled Borno, Yobe
Nigerian army extended by 24 hours, yesterday a travel ban imposed on Borno, the restive northeastern state worst hit by Boko Haram attacks.
 Military men on the streets of Kokori, Delta State, after Kelvin's arrest
Both Borno and neighbouring Yobe state had on Friday imposed a travel ban through the Muslim Eid holiday weekend to Monday to guard against Boko Haram attacks.
But now the “embargo on all vehicular movement in 7 Division area of responsibility has been extended till 7.00am (0600 GMT) on Tuesday, 7th October, 2014,” said the army statement, without giving further details.
The army’s 7 Division covers Borno and its surroundings.
When it announced the initial weekend travel ban, the military had said a security report indicated that Boko Haram militants have made plans to launch “multiple bomb explosions” in Maiduguri and other major towns in the state during the Muslim festival.
They planned to use motor vehicles, tri-cycles, among others, and their main targets include Muslim praying grounds, markets and other public places, the army said.
The two states and Adamawa have been under a state of emergency since May last year because of the Boko Haram conflict and the Islamists have typically carried out strikes on Muslim holidays.
The militants are thought to be in control of more than two dozen towns and villages in the northeast, but the military insists that lost ground can be regained.
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5th October match United 2 Everton 1

Manchester United head into the latest international break on a high after second consecutive 2-1 home victory, secured against Everton, a side that did the double over the Reds last season.

New boys Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao grabbed the goals to overcome Steven Naismith's reply for the Merseysiders and David De Gea saved a Leighton Baines penalty at the end of the first half in an entertaining encounter.

The Reds were quickly on the front foot with Falcao's diving header from a Luke Shaw cross well saved by Tim Howard and another delivery from the left, by Di Maria, sent over the bar by Robin van Persie.

The shots continued to rain in on goal from Daley Blind, Falcao and Di Maria and the pressure told when the excellent Rafael's cross was dealt with unconvincingly by Phil Jagielka. Juan Mata pounced to intelligently roll an inviting ball into the path of Di Maria and the Argentinian supplied an immaculate finish out of Howard's reach.

September's Player of the Month was denied a second by Howard's fine save when a free-kick flicked off the wall and headed for the corner of the net as United remained in control. However, Rafael needed to make a vital clearance from a corner and Romelu Lukaku escaped Paddy McNair to flash a warning sign wide.

There still appeared to be no huge threat to the lead until deep into first-half stoppage time when Shaw was adjudged to have fouled Tony Hibbert.


Why I walked out of my marriage — Ini Edo


Why I walked out of my marriage — Ini Edo

It is no more news that Nollywood diva and producer, Ini Edo’s marriage to her US-based husband, Philip Ehiagwina, has crashed. The marriage was said to have crashed a few weeks ago, but the couple decided to keep the news away from the public.
While the marriage lasted, there were reports that Ini Edo was not enjoying her marriage mainly because her husband did not reside in Nigeria.
The stress of going over to the US to check on her ex-husband was said to have contributed largely to the eventual break up the marriage suffered.
Ini Edo, in an interview sometime ago, managed to keep her marital problems away from the media and preying eyes, but apparently she could not continue to deny that things had gone bad with her marriage when news filtered into town that she had concluded plans to break up with his husband after marrying for five years.
Since the news of the crashed marriage surfaced on major social media platforms during the week, there have been accusations and counter accusations from Ini Edo and her husband, with one accussing another of infidelity and distrust.
The confirmation of the break up was rife during the week when Ini Edo decided to remove her husband’s name from her social media accounts and also removed wife from her bio on Instagram.
“A close friend of the actress squealed that the marriage broke down due to very strong allegations of ‘serial cheating with evidence’ but that the couple who are pretending to still be in talking terms might cite irreconcilable differences”.
It will be recalled that weeks ago, Nollywood actor, Desmond Eliot was said to have posted on his Facebook fan page ‘Pray for Ini Edo’. Some people alleged that the post may have angered the actress’s husband.
Reacting to the news of the break up on social media, the actress denied that her marriage ended because of infidelity on her part. “I asked for a divorce from my ex-husband because of irreconcilable differences. I never cheated on my husband. There is a conscious and malicious attempt at tarnishing my image. This whole saga is familiar, let’s not forget the past. Thanks and God bless”.

Ji-sung Park returns to Old Trafford

Former Manchester United player to become Club AmbassadorFormer Manchester United midfielder Ji-sung Park will make a return to the club as he takes up his post as Club Ambassador.
To celebrate his appointment, Park will be invited to tread Old Trafford’s hallowed turf once again, with former manager Sir Alex Ferguson before kick-off at the team’s home fixture against Everton on Sunday 5 October.
As part of his role, the highly decorated player will attend various events and functions on behalf of the club, promoting the work it does within the community and with its partners, sharing anecdotes from his time at Old Trafford.
Park played for United for seven years, from 2005 to 2012, winning an array of accolades, including four Premier League titles, three League Cups, one UEFA Champions League and one FIFA Club World Cup.
He is recognised as the most decorated Asian footballer in history as well as the first Asian player to have won the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.
Speaking about his appointment, Ji-sung Park comments:
"I have fond memories of my time at Manchester United and I am delighted and honoured to have become an ambassador for the club.