Saturday, October 12, 2013

DIVORCE: I’m Going Nowhere - Wife

A driver, Morufu Alimi, 42, of Mararaba in Nasarawa State, central Nigeria on Friday urged a Grade 1 Area Court in Aso Pada to dissolve his 13-year-old marriage to Omolara, his wife, but the woman said she is going nowhere.
Alimi told the court that he divorced Omolara, 35, ‘Islamically,’ requesting the court to confirm the divorce and give him custody of his children.
He said that after divorcing Omolara, she had refused to leave his house.
“Anytime we have problems, she will remove her veil and start wearing trousers which is against my religion. Also, she will be praying and shouting ‘holy ghost fire’, in fact, she has spat on me several times.
“After I divorced her, she went back to her religion which is Christianity and vowed to also covert my children. That is why I became angry and divorced he. I want the court to help and give me the custody of my children.”
Alimi said that the two children, aged 12 and six years, had not reached the age to decide the religion they would want to belong to.
In her response, Omolara said that the divorce would not hold because her parents did not approve the marriage but because she loved him, she went ahead to marry Alimi.
The mother of two also said that she changed her religion to marry Alimi and had vowed never to leave her marriage again as this was her second marriage.
“On the issue of divorce, he has said it more than one million times.
“I told him that I cannot leave because I contributed to the building of the house we are living in now.
“He has failed in his responsibilities, I am a teacher, I pay the children’s school fees, I buy food for the house and take care of the children, therefore, I can’t go,” she stated.
She, however, told the court that she could only agree to the divorce on three conditions: “Until the children attain the age of adulthood to decide the religion they want to belong to.
“He should pay me the amount of money I contributed to the building of our house.
“He should also rent an apartment for me,” Omolara demanded.
The Presiding Member of the court, Malam Danlada Musa, admonished the couple to calm down and settle their differences.
Musa said that the holy prophet had admonished true Muslims to always seek reconciliation in any matter.
“Go and think about this matter, talk to each other to see if you can resolve the matter.
“The Almighty Allah said that he is not happy with divorce,” Musa said and adjourned the case till 22 October for continuation of hearing or report of settlement.
Source: PM News