Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HOT PHOTO: PDP Committee Appease The Suntai Cabal

Hauwa Suntai, the leader of the Suntai cabal evidently happy with the power sharing deal
Hope Uzodinma and "Acting Governor" Umar Garba
Hope Uzodinma presiding over the resolution of the Taraba crisis with Mrs. Suntai representing her hubby
Senator Uzodinma and his crew arrives Jalingo
Acting Governor hugs Senator Uzodinma upon arrival at the Jalingo at the airport
Governor Danbaba Suntai being introduced to his deputy, Garba umar yesterday at the Governor's Lodge
Photos taken at the bizarre "fact-finding" visit to Jalingo by a team led by Senator Hope Uzodinma. It will be the second "fact-finding" trip by Uzodinma to the brain-damaged governor since a small plane he piloted crashed last October near the Yola Airport in Adamawa State.
Uzodinma led a similar delegation to visit Suntai in New York last August, he never told the truth about Suntai's condition, instead the senator claimed that the ailing governor had recovered from injuries sustained during the plane crash.
Yesterday, Mr. Uzodinma set up another farcical trip to Jalingo, went into a meeting with Mr. Suntai and came out with yet another medical verdict that Suntai was "relatively healthy".
A few minutes later, Uzodinma superintended over a power-sharing deal that effectively confers power to the Acting governor, Umar Garba and also retained some power for the cabal representing Mr. Suntai. As seen from these pictures Suntai had to be represented by his wife, Hauwa, at an enlarged stakeholders meeting after having a short meet and photo op with Uzodinma and his crew.
From all these is a final realization that Mr. Suntai was never fit to run Taraba regardless of the various stage-managed shows and spin by his supporters.
Source: Sahara Reporters