Friday, September 6, 2013

STRANGE: Heavenly Images Appear In Mosque?

Barely a year after a child was reportedly born with a copy of the Holy Quran in Lagos and another born with an Islamic rosary, (Tesbah) in Sagamu, Ogun State. Last Tuesday, another amazing event occurred at Owode Onirin, Ikorodu, Lagos; as images of some clerics who died decades ago were believed to have made sudden appearances on the walls of Dawiz Central Mosque in the area.
When newsmen visited the mosque, thousands of people and passers-by storm the mosque to have a glimpse.
The images were identified as that of late Sheikh Ahmada Tijani, (Algeria) Sheikh Ibraheem Niass, (Senegal) Sheikh Jamiu Bulala. (Nigeria)
Although the images were not clear as at the time Vanguard visited, but those who spoke to Vanguard said the images were clearer on Tuesday when they were first noticed.
•Perceived image of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass (not confirmed by Vanguard
•Perceived image of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass 

According to Eye-witness: “The images were noticed on Tuesday September 3, on the walls of the mosque which was constructed a few months ago and owned by Sheikh Musa Alegbeleye.”

It was gathered that four months ago, the image of Sheikh Jamiu Bulala Islamic Cleric, who had died two decades ago appeared first faintly to the consternation of Muslim faithful and they decided never to make it public to creat any doubt.

The strange occurence has turned the serene Owode Onirin area into a Makkah of sorts as people thronged the area not only to see but to also offer some prayers. Right inside the mosque, people were seen holding bottles/satchets of water muttering prayers and shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great). Some were even seen bowing to the image.
•Perceived image of Sheikh Jamiu Bulala outside the mosque (Seen by Vanguard)
Perceived image of Sheikh Jamiu Bulala outside the mosque 
Efforts to speak with the founder of the group and leader of the mosque, Sheikh Alegbeleye, was futile, as we were told he was sleeping after observing several vigil prayers.

Speaking on the development and an eye-witness, the President of Islamic society of Nigeria, Lagos State Mukadam Alhaji Samodu Onikoyi confirmed the appearance of the images.  “We started noticing a very faint image which came with intermittent brightness on the inside wall of the mosque which were replica of the portrait of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, Sheikh Jamiu Bulala and Sheikh Ahmaa Tijani engraved on the walls of the building.”

How it Happened: “A member of the mosque Alhaja Idayatu Idera Afolabi first noticed it and she rushed out to inform everybody and when we saw it, we decided to cover it, because we thought if we announce it, people will think it is ruse that one is trying to play on their intelligence.  But when I also saw it, I was greatly terrified, wondering how such thing could have happened”.
People bowing to the obscure image
People bowing to the obscure image
“My thought was that the image would eventually disappeared but on the second day, it brightened more and started showing on all sides of the building which made us to still cover it untill it became public“.

An eye-witness also disclosed that attempt was made by some individuals to wash off the images but to no avail; adding that the more they try to rub it off, the more the images become clearer.
Non-Muslims’ comment

I don’t believe it — Mrs Oluranti Jonson

For me, that image is not real and it’s an evil imagination. Because the Bible says Jesus will come down with the Holy Saints and Prophet at the last day. And I will advice those clerics to stop deceiving people because I don’t understand what that means and I have not seen such before.
Crowd trying to gain entry into the mosque
Crowd trying to gain entry into the mosque
It’s a sign of end time — Mr Mike Nwoha

This is unbelievable, although as a Christian, I’m not trying to say this is evil but to them they believe; it’s a sign of end time and some of them said it is stated in the Koran. So, I cannot judge, only God knows the truth about it. All I can say is that we are all serving the living God, there should not be anything like the Muslims are idol worshipers but to me this is a sign of end time. So, people should mend their ways.

Also, one Mrs Idayatu Afolabi said: “When we saw that the image, it was a strange thing, I told my husband to inform those that know better than us, it was then we called on the Imam who told us not to announce it until now that the images decided to brighten up on the wall of the mosque building “.
The shout of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) rented the air as hundreds of people continue to find their ways to the the Mosque in Owode Onirin to have a glimpse

About Sheikh Tijani and Niass

Shaykh Tijani 1735-1815

Shaykh Tijani was born in 1735 in Aïn Madhi, a small village in western-central Algeria. An orphan at the age of 15, and applied himself to his studies. Having learned the Quran by heart at age seven, he studied the fundamentals of Maliki jurisprudence and other texts. For nearly 50 years Shaykh Tijani was the main active propagator of the doctrine of Toriqah.
Crowd who could not be accommodated in the mosque
Crowd who could not be accommodated in the mosque
Shaykh Tijani his passed on Thursday 22 September 1815. After he performed the Subh prayer, he laid down on his right side while he asked for a glass of water then he returned to his bed and died. Even in the coffin, people were rushing and trying hard to hold his coffin and it was a scene full of deep emotions where tears and sorrows constituted the landmark of this great funeral. Shaykh Tijani was buried in his blessed Zawiya. He is followed today by over 300 million disciples world-over.

Sheikh Ibrahim Niass (1900–1975)
Born in 1900 in the village of Taïba Niassène between the Senegalese city of Kaolack and the border of Gambia, the main representative of the Tijaniya- Sufi Order, often referred to as Tariqat al-Tijjaniyyaa.  During his youth, Sheykh Ibrahim relocated with his father to the city of Kaolack, where they established the zwiya (religious center) of Lewna Ñaseen.

Shaykh Ibrahim’s role as principal Imam of the Medina Baay mosque has been carried out by the Cisse family. While serving as Medina Baay’s Imam, he took his teachings to the United States, United Kingdom and many other western countries. He was regarded as Leader of Tariqa al-Tijaniyya after the late Ah,ada Tijani. He died in August, 2008.
Source: Vanguard
UPDATE: More Muslims in Lagos mosque over heavenly images
 •Some worshippers with bottled water seeking blessing from the apparition

Muslim faithful have continued to besiege a mosque, popularly called Alfa Shehu Mosque, at Owode-Onirin along Ikorodu road, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, where they claimed to have seen the apparitions of  Sheik Ibrahim Niyyas, Sheik Hamad Tijhani and Shehu Bulala, on the walls of the mosque and neighbouring houses.

•Sheik Ibrahim Niyyas
•Sheik Ibrahim Niyyas

People were still trooping to the mosque today, four days after the apparitions purportedly appeared on the walls.

NE gathered that the images had appeared a few days before the Ramadan fasting period ended but the Imam of the Mosque, Alhaji Shehu Nurudeen, had advised his children not to make the strange discovery public because people may find it difficult to believe, until a man (name withheld), went there from Apapa area of Lagos State on Tuesday morning to confirm that he had a revelation about the incident.

The Imam’s son, Ibrahim Nurudeen, who spoke with our correspondent on behalf of his father, said that it was after the stranger’s visit that people started besieging the mosque to see the ‘wonders of God’ on the walls of the mosque.

“When we were about rounding off the fast, my dad saw the image on the wall inside the mosque but he warned us against publicising it because people may not believe. We were however surprised on Tuesday  morning when a man whom we had not seen before, came around to say that he got a revelation about Sheik Niyyas, Tijhani and Bulala, appearing on the wall.

“Before we could address the issue, people had started trooping in from various parts of the country to see what was happening here. My dad had to leave the house since people started coming to confirm for themselves. I’m not surprised at the way people have been coming because those people who appeared on the walls are our legends in Islam,” he said.

Another Islamic cleric, Jamiu Afeez, stated that the images were looking so real at the initial stage of appearance but people trying to touch the walls made them to disappear.
•Muslim faithful this morning at the mosque where an apparition was seen
•Muslim faithful this morning at the mosque where an apparition was seen

He also explained that they had a torrid time controlling the crowd at the mosque who came to catch a glimpse of the images.

The young cleric further stated that people had been there from Offa, Ilorin and some parts of the country to confirm the incident.

“The images were looking so real initially but the more people touched them, the more they disappeared. We had to call mobile policemen and soldiers to help us control the crowd here yesterday because people have not stopped coming.

“We have been praying here since that Tuesday morning, day and night because it is a revelation from God and a clear indication that our prayers have been answered. The more we prayed, the more the Sheiks appeared. People have come in from Ilorin, Offa and other parts of the country to see for themselves,” he explained.
•Some worshippers with bottled water seeking blessing from the apparition
•Some worshippers with bottled water seeking blessing from the apparition
One of the Muslims who spoke with NE said that a Christian neighbour also saw it on the wall and called the Imam’s attention to it, a scenario she believed is a clear indication that God is one. The woman clad in a hijab, also said that it portrayed the height of God’s presence in their midst and to further prove to the world that Islam is a religion of Light and Peace.

“This is the work of God and nobody can fault it. Their neighbour who also saw it is a Christian and this clearly shows that our God is one. It is also a clear indication that God is in our midst and that he has answered our prayers; Islam is a religion of Light and Peace, this incident has proven that again,” the eyewitness said, pleading anonymity.

At the mosque people were still praying fervently while others bought bottled water and rubbed their bottles against the wall on which the apparition appeared, while making requests from the perceived images.

Worshippers inside the mosque continued shouting ‘Allahu’.

At the time of filing this report, more Muslim faithful were still trooping to the mosque.

Sheik Niyyas, whose appartion is causing the huge stir, was a popular Islamic cleric who was born in 1900 and died in 1975. He was born in Senegal where he is still being revered and whorshipped by some Islamic adherents in the West African country.