Tuesday, October 1, 2013

24hrs Of Praise And Knock For GEJ By Chiechefulam Ikebuiro

The announcement could not have come at a better time-the eve of our 53rd anniversary. Whether this move is political or otherwise really does not count one bit, it is a very good move and we need to look at the bigger picture.
NEPA,PHCN, whatever its name is has ceased to exist, starting today,30th September 2013 and boy are we glad! We will not miss you one bit , NEPA. This is one common enemy that has just been defeated and we need to roll out the drums to celebrate its downfall.
This particular institution has held us by the balls for years-Nigeria, Nigerians and foreigners alike.
Do you know how many lives have been frustrated and lost because of the incompetence of NEPA? Jobs have been lost because of the worthlessness of PHCN.
Lives have been ruined and businesses have crumbled. Foreign investors have been frustrated out and investors even detest investing in Nigeria because of this monster. NEPA.  Ah! NEPA we won’t miss you at all. You can’t imagine how much businesses and individuals spend on providing alternative sources of power supply. Money that would have been put to better use is used to purchase fuel and Diesel. Money that would have been used to expand businesses making way for employment. With this privatization one hopefully  expects, in no distant time, to see a drop in the unemployment rate in Nigeria. The statistics is killing. Artisans who depend on power supply to work will thrive too.
I have not been a fan of this present government, but one just has to acknowledge when a good deed is done, especially when it is for the good of the ordinary man. This privatization of NEPA is a step in the right direction.
One just hopes this marks the beginning of change, especially in the power sector. We hopefully will feel the changes in our homes offices and lives in general.
One hopes to get friendly tariffs as well as constant power supply . The  workers should be settled accordingly .We do not want any opposition to  this. God, I hope this is the end of ‘UP NEPA’.
It was a disappointment, in fact a howler for the president to say he does not know the where about of Shekau-the most wanted man in Nigeria! It was almost unbelievable when I heard this. It was yesterday 29th of September,during the presidential media chat. The president did not just  say that was my reaction. This, coming on a day when the dreaded monster, Boko Haram, killed so many school children in Yobe state. It just feels like we send our children to school just to go and die, and the president (who is supposed to be Chief security Officer) is saying he does not know the where about of the man responsible for this, and of course thousands of death?
That was goofing  at the highest level To think that these recent killings actually took place at states where the state of emergency was declared beats me. I have asked before, and I will ask again; are we (the president included) getting fed with lies? I included the president because he obviously is lost as you and I are, as regards this boko haram palava. Was the state of emergency just declared and we went to sleep? What else is being done to nip this monster in the bud? Are carrots being dangled at the faces of caught bokoharamists? Are they giving vital information (not that apo type)?
Well Mr President, Since you do not know where Shekau is , I will take the pleasure of being one of the first people to tell you it seems Shekau is alive.
This is because he just came out recently to tell us that he is very much alive, claiming that he was responsible for the recent killings in Borno, and has threatened to kill more. Hmmm, he just did not stop at that, he even said he is all out to quash this our democracy. That he and his people are all out to make Nigeria have “government of Allah,by Allah,and for Allah”, whatever that means. And you know how they will do this? By killing us all, so you better find him before he gets us. Gaawd, what do your advisers do?
Happy Independence day.
Source: Vanguard