Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DEADLY KIDNAP: My Ordeal - Dr. John Onyiuke

The son-in-law of a former university Vice-Chancellor, kidnapped last November by individuals posing as patients at a hospital in which he worked, has escaped his kidnappers.
Dr. John Onyiuke, who is the Chief Medical Director (CMD) at Beke Memorial Hospital, a private clinic located in Nimo, Anambra State and married to one of Prof. Ilochi Okafor’s daughters, exclusively told National Daily that one of his abductors posed as patient while waiting for him to resume duty Monday morning.
“This morning by 8: 30am, one of my staff called me that there was a patient waiting for me. When I got to the clinic, I saw a young man who was being checked up; one of the nurses was taking his blood pressure. I was informed that he was the patient waiting for me. So I went into my office upstairs and started arranging my table as it was Monday morning. After waiting for like three minutes, I saw the patient rush into my office, closed the door and told me that I was under arrest. He rushed and held me and while I was trying to resist him, another of his accomplice came inside with a Ghana-Must-Go bag and brought out an AK-47 rifle. The quietly took me out of the hospital and put me inside the boot of their car, a Toyota Corolla and started driving towards Abagana,” he said.
Onyiuke escaped by jumping out of the boot of the car when he fiddled with the boot and it gave way.
“As they were driving out of the hospital, I was fiddling with the booth and it opened. I jumped out and ran into the bush. Three persons carried out the operation; two guys and a driver. I later went and reported the incident at the Abagana Police Station,” he said. 
As of the time of filing this report, Dr. Onyiuke, a graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) had gone back to work and attending to patients.
Onyiuke’s father-in-law, Prof.  Ilochi Okafor, was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from his home while preparing for church and held for a week before being released in November 2012. The Professor of Law and a two-time Attorney General of the old Anambra State was said to have regained his freedom after a substantial ransom was allegedly paid by his family.
Source: Sahara Reporters