Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HOT PHOTO: Heavy Rain, River Karu

Major roads in Karu were flooded.
A heavy rainfall in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, and its surrounding communities on Tuesday morning led to the flooding of some major streets in nearby Mararraba suburb of Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa state.
Karu is home to thousands of people, many of who work in Abuja.
A resident, Samaila Garba, informed PREMIUM TIMES that the main road leading into residential areas in Mararraba was heavily flooded.
“Right now, water is everywhere, one cannot even walk on foot, not to talk of car or motor cycle,” he said.
He said even though the street has drainages on both sides “people dump all sort of things on the drainages and they are all blocked, so the water has nowhere to go except the road.”
Mr. Garba said apart from blocking the main road, the water is also “rushing into the houses located by the road side”.
Karu flood 1 Karu flood 2 Karu flood 3 Karu flood 4
Source: Premium Times