Saturday, January 25, 2014

FACTS: The Political Whirlwind, Nigerians React?

Nigerians speak against recycling old politicians, read their reactions below.
It is highly ridiculous and very laughable that at this present age, appointments into key positions, which impact directly on the lives of citizens are still done based on political affinity.
It is a pity that the masses are worst hit by these reckless decisions which we all know have been going on for a while in Nigeria. Bamanga Tukur as head of the NRC is another joke. It is quite evident that it is a compensation for his disgraceful exit as the PDP Chairman.
—Opeyemi Ajayi, Pension Fund Administrator Officer
I think the practice of always appointing old politicians into political offices is appalling and disheartening. I know if you ask why such a thing has become normal practice by every successive administration in the country, the answer from those in power would be that they are more experienced.
But we all know that selfishness and greed are the reasons behind this practice.
Why do we keep recycling old men for appointments when the young, vibrant, energetic and sound people are trampled upon politically? This is why we keep getting it wrong in Nigeria. Words fail me. God help us in this country.
— Godday Ighoteguono, Journalist
The idea of using old politicians for key appointments is disappointing, worrisome and sad. But that is now the order of the day in Nigeria. But I think we should be forward thinking rather than recycling old politicians. The only thing we can do is to keep talking. Let the youths and those passionate about Nigeria continue to make our voice heard. That I believe is the way to go for things to change.
— Abe Temitope, Estate Surveyor
The drama of Nigerian politics and administration has always retarded development in the country. A once-upon-a-time khaki man turned civilian is given an office he does not have the wherewithal and administrative know-how to run. We are not even talking about Nigeria’s retiring age. It has become clear that this country would never cease being a banana republic with the future of the youths in jeopardy.
All we need in this country is a change in system of government. Whether Nigeria will be better or not, everyone has his future in his hands. If recycling old politicians has done nothing to change this country, then attention should be turned to younger people. We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.
— Ayo Alonge, Student
It is very unfortunate that the same families have been recycled in governance since Independence. It is even much more ridiculous that the heads of some of these families have refused to leave the corridors of power after entrenching themselves for decades.
These people must really love Nigeria for them to want to serve till they drop dead. And the slogan on their lips is that ‘the youths are the future leaders.’ When will the youths lead?
—Abayomi Odegbami-Taiwo
I think the tomorrow people always talk about means when the whole world finally comes to an end. Tomorrow will only come when the youth of this nation come to understand that the present crop of leaders do not have their interests at heart. How can youths be the leaders of tomorrow when these same old men with same set of old ideas are still in the driver’s seat of our country. In a nutshell only God can help the youth of this country.
– Abayomi Ogunremi, Estate agent
Youths are more receptive to new ideas unlike older people, who have formed a thought pattern and who will always see things from a conservative perspective. Nigeria will profit from quality ideas, innovation and development if the youths are allowed to lead the nation.
— Lanre Ogunyimika, Politician
It is a shame on the nation and such appointees. The appointments of septuagenarians and older people into offices depict lack of confidence in our youths. Such type of anomaly could only happen in a country, where greed, avarice and corruption hold sway.
— Chief Soji Longe, Businessman
Source: Punch