Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WICKED: Couple Beat Pregnant Woman To Coma?

A couple have allegedly beaten a pregnant woman to coma in Ade-Alu area of Lagos State.
LEADERSHIP gathered that the man, Canice Innocent was walking towards his apartment in the residence where him and the victim, Mrs Funmi Adebiyi, whose pregnancy was in its eighth month, reside at Abiodun Sadiku Street, when suddenly Adebiyi opened the door of her apartment.
The door was said to have hit Innocent on the hand inflicting a minor injury on him and Innocent allegedly shouted at her, attracting the attention neighbours including his wife, Mrs Innocent.
Mrs Innocent was said to have rained invectives on Adebiyi who replied the insults and angered by her reaction, Mr and Mrs Innocent reportedly pounced on her and beat her until she collapsed despite pleadings by neighbours who were trying to make peace.
The woman was later taken to the hospital where she is receiving medical attention.
The victim’s husband, Adebayo Adebiyi, who told LEADERSHIP that his wife was over seven months pregnant, said he went to work and as he was returning, he did not have any premonition that danger was lurking around the corner until he entered his apartment and found out that his wife had been beaten to a pulp and after several hours of caring for her, she collapsed and he took her to a nearby hospital.
Adebayo said doctors were battling to save his wife and the baby.
He said the matter was reported at the Alado police station, where Mr Innocent was being detained.
Source: Leadership